Driveway Material Guide: Asphalt vs. Concrete

Deciding to have a new driveway installed in your home is a big step. You got a long time out of your existing driveway, but it is starting to show its age. You are noticing that it is a lot dirtier and older than it looked a few years ago. Some maintenance did not help. And you even noticed some cracks. Unfortunately, it means that you will need a new driveway if you want to see a significant aesthetic improvement.

But what driveway material is best for your home? It is a question so many homeowners ask when they contact a driveway pavement contractor in Braintree. We have a quick guide for you, with a focus on asphalt and concrete, as those are the two most popular materials for driveways.

Asphalt vs. Concrete

The two competing materials are asphalt and concrete. They are both relatively affordable, while delivering a pleasant aesthetic. Of course, you are going to get a much better aesthetic with stone pavers. But it will also cost three or times more than concrete, which is also more expensive than asphalt.

Fifteen or twenty years ago, you would see a lot more concrete being used for roads, driveways and similar structures. But now asphalt is the material that dominates. Why? Because there is a greater understanding of the flaws of these materials – and the upsides.

Concrete looks very nice when it is first installed. But the issue is that it cracks fairly easily – and those cracks are so difficult to repair. When you have a crack in a concrete driveway, you will be quoted a very high price by a pavement contractor in Braintree for repairs. In contrast, an asphalt pavement company in Braintree would charge you very little for repairing a similar crack in an asphalt driveway.

Another perk of asphalt is the fact that it looks much better in a decade. Yes, you will need to get some maintenance done to maintain that look. But the cost of the driveway plus ten years’ of maintenance is probably less than getting a concrete driveway installed in your home. And the concrete driveway will look terrible ten years from now!